Friday, 24 June 2011

Tube strikes cancelled as London Underground reinstates unfairly sacked driver

A series of Tube strikes planned by the RMT union from Monday 27th June to Friday 1st July have been called off.

The strikes were planned because of a row over the sacking of Arwyn Thomas, a driver member of the RMT who was dismissed for ‘unacceptable behaviour’ towards a colleague.

An Employment Tribunal yesterday found Arwyn to have been ‘unfairly dismissed’ by London Underground and he has been reinstated.

LU say he has been appointed to a new non-operational role ‘which does not involve customer facing duties’ but is still on ‘driver’s pay’ according to the RMT.

RMT has agreed to only ballot for strike action in the future if all other options, such as talks, have been exhausted.

Managing Director Mike Brown said: “The settlement that we have reached ensures that Mr Thomas’ reinstatement is on a basis that recognises the seriousness of his offensive behaviour.

“It also allows us to move forward towards a more constructive relationship with the RMT, whereby Londoners should not be threatened with strike action relating to such individual tribunal cases in the future.”


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